Katia Chehade is a Professional Bookkeeper and Registered BAS Agent

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Hi, I’m Katia, a Registered BAS Agent and bookkeeper with over 20 years hands on industry experience and I’m passionate about helping business owners with their bookkeeping and accounting software. Preparation of high quality reports and accounts is my specialty. Being well organised, logical and decisive I can help you bring order into the financial side of your business.

Not only am I great with numbers but I’m compassionate, and patient with my clients. My natural vision gives me the ability to support business as they transition through different phases of growth. As a registered BAS agent, you can be reassured and backed up by the Tax Practitioners Board.

Our Approach

Sudoku bookkeeping is driven by our desire to support business owners. We use standard and best-industry processes to make sure your bookkeeping in done accurately and on time. The thing that distinguishes us from other bookkeepers in the industry is commitment and ethics. We fully commit to our clients to give them the best service available and ensuring that it is done in an ethical manner. We also commit to researching any new and/or rare bookkeeping matters before advising our clients of the best way to handle those matters ensuring compliance.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, and ours started in 1996 when Katia was employed by a not for profit organisation as an office manager/bookkeeper. Since then Katia has worked in different positions and organisations and further developed her bookkeeping skills by obtaining a CIV in Bookkeeping and Dip of Accounting. Following a life changing part of her life Katia decided to fulfil her dream of starting her own business in 2015. She wanted to share her knowledge and skills through helping businesses sort out their finances by putting their numbers in the right place. Katia is a MYOB Partner and QBO Pro Advisor, and she continues her professional development journey by keeping up to date with industry changes, attending relevant workshops, webinars, conferences and seminars.

A Professional Bookkeeper is under the Code of Conduct

Registered BAS Agents are under a professional Code of Conduct. Breaching the Code can result in termination of registration, Civil Penalties and fines up to $137,500. If you are left in a mess, something can be done about it. The Code covers the following, and more:


Honesty and Integrity




Independence (acting lawfully)




Correct administration of laws



Memberships & Registrations

Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)

Business owners and industry leaders agree that there is a high need, and demand, for qualified bookkeepers.

ICB promotes and maintains the standard of professional bookkeeping. Memberships are issued based on qualifications, work-experience and competence. www.icb.org.au/

What this means for you?

Sudoku Bookkeeping receives the support and qualifications they need to correctly apply correct bookkeeping principles and ethics. This ensures that we will work to a high level of integrity than a bookkeeper who is unsupported or unqualified.


Katia Chehade: ICB Member: 405040

Tax Practitioners Board of Australia (TPB)

As of March 1st 2010 the ATO regulated the bookkeeping industry. All bookkeepers providing a BAS Service must register as a BAS Agent, and follow the Code of Conduct. www.tpb.gov.au

What this means for you?

Before the regulation came in, anyone could do a MYOB course and call themselves a bookkeeper. Too many business owners have fallen for the lie that "anyone can do bookkeeping". If a bookkeeper left them in a big mess, there was nothing they could do but find someone to fix it. The financial and emotional cost of using an un-registered bookkeeper can be huge! With us, we guarantee you will receive a level of service and quality of work promised by the Code of Conduct. 

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