How to pick the RIGHT one to suit your needs!

Your accounting software is the financial engine of your business, and your revenue is the fuel that drives the transactions in and out of it.

Your software allows you visibility on the performance of the business and enables you to fine-tune to deliver better efficiency, and profitability and also maintain the level of optimum operational levels.

What I want to do now is to deliver to you a brief overview of the software systems I recommend and also a little about how they suit different businesses…


Most companies use payroll software, bank accounts, credit card accounts, and invoice and bill pay systems to manage company finances. As your company grows, you may need specialist finance solutions that can perform more complex functions. Some accounting software alternatives only integrate with a few other platforms, limiting your options for other finance tools. QuickBooks Online interacts with over 650 additional business products, like, Expensify, Justworks, PayPal, and Gusto, to automatically sync data and help you understand your startup’s financial health.


3 Major Benefits of MYOB Software:

1. It makes tax time easy – You’re constantly up to speed with quick tax updates. Paying super and keeping up with ATO SuperStream rules is simple.

2. It speeds up company payments – Get rid of cash flow issues. With MYOB Essentials PayDirect Online, clients may pay you directly from an email invoice.

3. It reclaims your time – MYOB Essentials helps you manage your cash flow and ATO compliance. It also has time-saving features for day-to-day bookkeeping.


Xero is User-friendly

Accounting software is most useful when it is easy to use. People won’t buy software until it’s simple. Users say Xero is simple to use even if they don’t know much about accounting. This feature keeps folks coming back. Xero has straightforward terminology and numerous of opportunities to upload files and supporting documentation for simple transactions.


So now that we have covered some advantages of the different types of software, I want you to have a think about what you are using now, ask yourself..

🧤Is it working?

🧤Is it doing what I need it to?

🧤Do I understand how to drive it?

🧤Do I know what reports to produce?

If you aren’t using software yet, take some time to think about what one you believe would suit you best?

Comment below or send me an email on your thoughts!

I will happily respond and help you.