Being a small business owner is a commitment.

A commitment to ourselves, our families and the people we provide our goods and services to.

Life is often a hustle and we work long hours to…

💁Deliver what we need to for our clients

💁Ensuring that the sales happen and revenue comes in

💁Managing staff

💁Marketing and looking at new opportunities

💁Managing a pandemic economy

The list goes on….

It’s a never-ending cycle and we focus on the essential things that need to happen to ensure things stay on track.

And more often than not the things we aren’t so great at get pushed to the bottom of the pile or get lost in the email inbox.

And then we address then when the pressure is on and we have to get it done.

One of those things is our business bookkeeping.

We usually get pushed to complete this task because of a tax deadline.

We HAVE to make it happen.

Late nights and weekends spending hours in QBO, Xero or Excel to keep the taxman happy.

And then wait for the bill to arrive.

This wastes our time and more often than not, the information is not 100% accurate.

Then we get hit with a bill from our accountant or CPA at year-end to fix everything…

And it costs us a small fortune!

The cycle is vicious.

If this is YOU, then please stay with me as there is an alternative….let me paint the picture for you for a moment…

What if each month could look like this…

✅ You didn’t have to do ANY bookwork at all

✅ This means, no late nights or weekends, you have time back

✅ You know the exact position of your business at all times

✅ You are able to manage the cash flow in your business and not worried about not having money to pay for things

✅ The taxman is happy as the filings happen and you PLAN your payments, you know what they are.

✅ There are NO financial surprises, you plan the year ahead.

The above scenario can be a reality and in fact ALL the people I work with experience this.

This is what life in business is like when you engage a professional bookkeeper. This engagement SAVES you time, money and removes the stress completely.

If you want to escape the ongoing hustle of doing your own books and changing things, then it’s simple.

Here are the next steps:

Step #1 – Book in for an Escape The Books Session. This session is “on me”. where we will explore what you need in place to make this a reality.

Step #2 – If we are the right fit to help you then we will put a plan in place for you to review. If you like it, then we can start straight away.

Step #3 – Plan your vacation……..

Here is the link to book your spot.


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Check out Bookkeeping for Small Business: What Business Owners Need To Know to learn more.

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