Hitting the panic button 🔇for bookkeeping each month?

Don’t get caught in the pitfalls of panic, there is another way

It’s tax time, now or it’s looming or it’s way past due.

And you are getting emails from your accountant asking for information to complete and you see the “note” and tell yourself..

“I will get around to that”

“I will mark time aside for this”

“I know I have to do it”

Or you may even be getting “love letters” from the tax man asking you to send them some money, because you love them so much!


Either way, this scenario is like a heaviness that just sits over you.

A black cloud with a little red man waving at you reminding you have to address this.

And as hard as you bat at him to go away, he just keeps reappearing.

The task is recurring. It never goes away.

And it doesn’t go away, because it’s a byproduct of being in business.

But what I am to share is that the annoying little man waving at you from the black cloud, the constant reminders from you accountant ( remember you are paying them to do this and your money could be better spent elsewhere rather than on reminder emails, and the love letters from the tax man ), can all go away.

And the stress and heaviness along with it.

Just delegate and outsource the task of getting this done.

Your heaviness is actually my happiness.

My team and I went into the business of bookkeeping.

Our agency provides the services of bookkeeping, to take your heaviness and turn it into our happiness.

It’s easy to do.

Just book in for a bookkeeping from heaviness to happiness health check with our team.

Click here to book in, or reply HAPPINESS to this email and we will find a time to chat.


It’s completely complementary to see if we are the right fit to help you.


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Katia “Happiness” Chehade