How Do I Use the Information That My Accountant Gives Me?

As a small business owner, most likely you will have experienced the following…

Once a year you engage with your tax accountant or CPA, and you get everything sorted.

You have the meeting, and they tell you the bad news of how much tax you need to pay and by when…….

And then they give you a stack of papers that presents everything your business has done for the year.

And what has been filed with the tax authority.

You go back to your office, put the stack of papers on the pile of other papers in the office.

Or in your filing cabinet and get on with things.

Until next year.

And then you get the bill from the accountant on top of the tax bill.

It leaves you with one feeling…


🔥Of feeling like you are paying out money all the time

🔥Not having any support with your business growth and management

🔥Not understanding why there isn’t any money in your bank when you have made a profit and have a tax bill

🔥Of feeling like you don’t have a clear direction

🔥And understand what the stack of papers actually mean…


So many business owners feel like this.

And what I do want to let you know is that not all accountants are once a year accountants either.

We work with many who aren’t.

But the real thing to view from this story is this…


As a business owner, you DO Need to understand

➡️ #1 where your money is going

➡️ #2 why you are paying a tax bill

➡️ #3 where your profit has gone

➡️ #4 what that stack of papers at the end of the year actually means


➡️ #5 how you can interpret the numbers so you can understand the true picture of what is going on in your business.


Bookkeepers support accountants and business owners in this role.

We help business owners understand these things.

And the most important thing we do is give business owners simple peace of mind.

That those things are taken care of.. so they don’t have to worry.

If you are thinking of engaging a bookkeeper to help you solve the above year-end stack of paper issues.

Then the time is now.

All you need to do is book a quick chat with us to see what you need help with and how we can help you…

It’s completely complimentary, and it’s our way of giving you clarity.

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