Part 2

Outsourcing and Freelancing

Where to from here for me?

If this is the first of my blogs that you’ve clicked on, STOP! Read How Outsourcing Changed My Life And Grew My Business – Part 1

As the title suggests, this blog details the steps I took to grow my business and the knock-on effect on my life, however, you’ll need to read part one here to catch the beginning.

For those who have read the gripping first part of this miniseries, you’ll remember me detailing which jobs I decided to outsource in order to grow my business (which changed my life in the process!).

Below are some of the other steps I took around the same time.

If you think outsourcing was difficult (after all, Sudoku Bookkeeping is my baby, and I was allowing virtual strangers to take over certain parts!), some of the steps below *really* pushed me out of my comfort zone.


Other Steps and Investments

These are some of the crucial- and at times, challenging- steps that I took, all of which have been instrumental in helping my business grow.

  • Business plan – Creating a business plan with the guidance of a mentor within my industry has helped me create my business vision and where to head to reach the goals I’ve set for myself. I had help with developing my business plan from The Savvy Bookkeeper but there are so many great providers out there who can help you to develop your business plan inc Brainiact.


  • Mentoring – The mentor mentioned above is a fellow bookkeeper and entrepreneur, and has made me realise how vital it is to have someone bounce ideas off. Her honest opinion and sound advice have helped me reach new heights and realise that it’s possible to go even higher than I’d ever thought possible. Again I get mentoring sessions through The Savvy Bookkeeper


  • Coaching –Deciding to join a business coaching group of like-minded women and a knowledgeable leader has given me the courage to start broadening my horizons. Because of this, I’ve gained the confidence to step out of my comfort zone and begin approaching industry publications to ask if I can write articles and start to do public speaking, amongst other things. The #BossLady group has been a great help for me.


  • Networking –While I belong to a couple of groups that support bookkeepers and BAS agents- a community I love and appreciate- I needed to grow, and word of mouth and business-to-business referrals are the best and most effective referral avenues. I’ve actively sought out networking events to meet prospective clients- rather than other bookkeepers- to get my name out into the business world. In addition, I’ve learned so much about different industries, which has helped me steer my business in a direction that serves my clients. I am a member of BNI and CBCC and found them invaluable. Nothing beats word of mouth referrals.


  • Staff – One of the most invaluable investments I’ve made is hiring my fantastic staff. Without them, I’d never have been in a position to manage my workload while scaling and growing my business.


How do I feel more than six months later?

Honestly, I have no idea how I’ve found the time to do everything I’ve outlined above.


As business owners, we often feel that we need to do it all, but realistically, we aren’t experts in every aspect of our business, so outsourcing is the natural step to take. Engaging professionals who know what they are doing is an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) and are worth it, as long as you have the right contractors on board. Doing your research and ensuring you have the right people on your team is essential.


In Conclusion, Outsourcing Has:


  • Taken Sudoku Bookkeeping to the next level in terms of professionalism.


  • Allowed me to focus on the areas of my business that I’m passionate about and in which I’m strongest. This, in turn, allows us to provide a premium service to our clients and give them peace of mind that they’re dealing with a professional, well-placed business.


  • Created additional workforce for specific services and expertise without needing to manage employees, as well as ensuring ongoing industry professional development.


  • Reduced labour costs.


  • Allowed me to avoid the overhead costs associated with having an office and full-time staff.


  • In hiring freelancers, I’ve been able to control my cash flow and only engage in the areas I can afford.


  • Most importantly, it gave me peace of mind. Knowing that the areas of my business that I’m weakest in are taken care of by people who are experts in their field allows me to sleep at night.


Bookkeeping is often an area that business owners believe they can handle themselves.


Still, unless you’re in the financial field and understand the nuances that come with running your books, you may find yourself flailing and desperately looking to outsource the headache to a bookkeeper as a matter of urgency!


As you can see in all the reasons above (and in Part 1), outsourcing has changed my life and helped me to grow my business.


By handing the reins to Sudoku Bookkeeping, you can concentrate on the parts of your business that make you happiest, knowing that your finances are taken care of by someone who has the time to focus on you.


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