Is doing your own Bookkeeping costing you money?

Many small business owners do their own business books.

And it’s empowering for a business owner to know how to do their books

🤑Understanding the difference between DEBITS & CREDITS…

🤑How to drive their accounting software…

🤑Being able to translate the Balance Sheet & Profit & Loss


🤑How to look at specific metrics that explain the health of their business.

And if this shows a problem, they can take the correct and immediate action to remedy the problem.

Having these skills makes a business owner more powerful in the marketplace.

And gives them an edge over their competitors.

But the actual doing of the business books is something that the business won’t want to remain in forever.

It’s the same with other functions in the business

Like marketing, maintaining clients support, sales etc.

These are all functions that need to happen in order for the business to operate. But once the business gets past that startup phase, then the business owner can’t wear all the hats.

It costs the business too much time and money and it not the best use of available resources.

A simple example of this is…

If a business owner can work a full day in sales and generate $30K in a day…

Then if they are taking a day to do bookkeeping and administrative work….

Then the cost to the business for that time is $30K.

It would be better to hire someone to do that work for $300 a day………

Get my drift?

If doing your own bookkeeping is costing you money… then it’s time to change it.

The simple solution is to engage a professional to do this for you.

And this is what I went into business to do…

If you need some help with this, then comment below or send me a DM and let’s set up a time to chat.