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Sudoku Bookkeeping Workshop Series

I am a strong advocate for business owners learning how to do their own bookkeeping. Read my article why.

These workshops are designed to help business owners and their employees learn how to process their bookkeeping and avoid non-compliance.

Understanding Financial Reporting

2-hour workshop 

Topics Include:

  • Balance sheet
  • Profit & Loss,
  • Payables and Receivables reports

Investment: $280

Accounts Receivable in MYOB AccountRight, MYOB ESSENTIALS, QuickBooks Online & Xero

3-hour workshop

Topics Include:

  • Supplying a quote to a customer
  • Changing a quote to a purchase order
  • Changing a purchase order to an invoice
  • Create customer credits
  • Apply customer credits
  • Create contacts
  • Essential information required from customers
  • Minimum requirements for an invoice template
  • Monitoring receivables, including due dates to ensure smooth cash flow
  • When do we use ‘Receive Money’ instead of creating invoices
  • How to record cash sales

Investment: $399.00

Process Payroll in MYOB AccountRight, MYOB ESSENTIALS, QuickBooks Online & Xero

6-hour workshop 

Topics include

  • Create payroll categories 
  • Set up employees 
  • Set up and lodge STP 
  • Process payroll 
  • Reconciliation of payroll liability accounts 
  • Learn compliance with ATO, and FWO

Investment: $799.00

Set up your own FILE in MYOB AccountRight, MYOB ESSENTIALS, QuickBooks Online & Xero

2-hour workshop 

Topics Include:

  • How to set you your own MYOB AccountRight File

Investment: $280

Reconciliations in MYOB AccountRight, MYOB ESSENTIALS, QuickBooks Online & Xero

3-hour workshop

 Topics include

  • Allocate bank fees
  • Enter undeposited funds
  • How to create a deposit slip
  • Reconciling bank accounts
  • Reconciling credit card accounts
  • Reconciling payroll liabilities
  • Reconciling loan accounts

Investment: $399.00

Accounts Payable in MYOB AccountRight, MYOB ESSENTIALS, QuickBooks Online & Xero

3-hour workshop

Topics include:

  • Creating a quote for a supplier
  • Changing a quote to a purchase order
  • Changing the purchase order to a bill
  • Creating supplier credits
  • Applying supplier credits
  • Creating contacts 
  • Learn what’s required from a supplier invoice 
  • Why it’s important to check a supplier’s ABN 
  • Paying suppliers via an ABA file (bank file) 
  • Monitoring your liability to a supplier, including due dates. 
  • When you should ‘Spend Money’ instead of creating a bill 
  • Enter cash purchases using personal funds
  • Learn compliance with the Australian Tax Office and Fair Work Ombudsman

Investment: $399.00

Ready to improve your bookkeeping skills with our excellent MYOB, XERO, QUICKBOOKS ONLINE training?


learn bookkeeping skills

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students OF SUDOKU Bookkeeping

We train business owners, accounting students and employees in mastering bookkeeping and accounting software skills.



Katia is an effective teacher.

She explains clearly, supporting students as they progress at different rates. She also offers frank, considerate feedback. I highly recommend learning opportunities delivered by Katia.



Katia is a wonderful trainer and mentor.

Her sessions are not only focused on the theoretical aspects of the subject but also its practical significance and applications.

The amount of knowledge, experience and professional skill sets that she imparts are insightful and helpful. Her high quality training on MYOB platform for AR/AP and Payroll has helped me develop the correct attitude and skill set that an accounting professional requires.

I highly recommend her workshops and training.



Blessed to be her student.

Katia is a great trainer. I have done MYOB And PAYROLL Courses from her. She has thorough knowledge of them and she taught not only the theory part of these topics, but also took efforts to give us complete practical knowledge too. 

She has great knowledge of MYOB, payroll + accounting platforms.

I am blessed to be her student and looking forward to learn more from her.



Experienced, highly efficient trainer.

Katia is very proficient in her training skills + abilities.

Her sound knowledge of MYOB gave me an opportunity of great learning experience to perform well in the course.

Katia’s excellent guidance + consistent support throughout the course helped me accomplish my projects & submit my assignments successfully on time.

Her effective coordination with the students throughout the course helps to bring out our full potential.



Calm demeanour and friendly nature.

Coming from an engineering background and having no knowledge of bookkeeping or accounting, I always dreaded learning anything remotely related to accounting. 

But after having difficulty understanding accounts at work, I attended MYOB Accounts Payables and Accounts Receivables course that is run by Katia.

Her teaching style is suitable for anyone no matter their background or their knowledge level. 

She took out all the complexity and made bookkeeping very easy to understand, and explained the concepts with real life examples.



Katia is friendly and her training is very professional + organised.

She is very knowledgeable in bookkeeping and accounting software and delivers her teaching skills with utmost passion and sincerity. 

Thank you  for imparting great knowledge to your students. We have definitely benefitted from it.

Hats off to your hardwork and dedication, Katia. You have been an inspiration to us. We share lovely memories. 



Katia is an efficient trainer.

Katia not only focused on theory but also on practical uses. She explains in a way anyone without basics can understand easily.

Her quality training on MYOB platform helped me develop the skills that an accounting professional require for accounts payable, receivable + payroll.

After completing her training I got a chance to work as a volunteer. I highly recommend her workshops and training.