Your Bookkeeping Map

I’d love to share with you today: How many CEOs get stuck doing many things CEOs should not be doing!

👎They are the map keepers…

👎The sales person…

👎The marketing manager…

👎The cleaner (yes, the toilets need cleaning)…

👎The receptionist…

👎The driver…


The list could go on.


The business steward, usually the CEO, will step away from this…


Take all the hats off and assess what’s working in the business, where money is and isn’t being generated, and create a strategy to drive revenue and growth.


Here’s what CEOs should be spending their time on:


What activity is producing income?


What activity is client fulfillment?


What do I like to do the most and am best at?


What am I not so good at?


What does it cost the business for me to do the lower value things and things I am NOT good at?


The questions showcase the crucial things.


And bookkeeping – the keeping of the business map is often at the bottom of this list.


It costs the business owner MONEY when they do this function.


Why? Because they didn’t get trained to do accounting, right? Or understand how to design and set up an accounting process for the business that shows an accurate financial picture.


So what happens is that they do the best they can.


But it sucks up a LOT of time.


And then they have to pay large sums of money to a CPA at year-end to fix up the mess and manage the late or incorrect tax filings….


And on top of that: they get a tax bill.


It all adds up…


Let’s change this scenario: What if you had a professional bookkeeper & CFO taking care of that map?


That means the following:


🙌 You wouldn’t have to waste time every week doing this activity


🙌 You would have someone that can design the systems and process for you


🙌The keeping of that map on an ongoing basis means the information is accurate


🙌You can then use the information to make decisions for the business to keep it on track


🙌No large bills to clean up an accounting mess and no late tax filings


It means you don’t have to worry.


You can then focus on doing what you do best, working to your strengths.


And may I also suggest hiring a cleaner to do the toilets too…. 🙂


Want some help?


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Yours In Map Keeping.