Your business really can talk to you and share its journey.

5 Tips To Start taking hold of your cash flow

In my last article, you read how bookkeeping builds a map of your business.


Let me ask you this…


What story is your business map telling you?


💡What story is your business sharing about how it’s feeling?

💡Do they tell you that the business is doing well?

💡Does it tell you that it needs help?

💡Does it say that it wants to unleash to conquer the market?

💡Is it telling you that it needs a better steward?

💡Is it telling you that its CEO needs rest?

💡Is it telling you that its clients are happy or sad? Or unfulfilled?

💡Is it telling you that its values or misaligned?


All these questions are straightforward when you are keeping that financial map current.


Every action in the business tells you something about its health. This is why the keeping of the financial map is super important.


Without this map, you, as a business owner, wear a blindfold.


I want to challenge you to take it off. That means getting your business map up to date.


What I often see with business owners are two things that happen at this point:


👉They are SO busy that they need someone to update the map and remove the blindfold, a super easy fix.


👉The blindfold is on because the business owner doesn’t want to see the truth. They know things aren’t good, and it’s hard to face reality. 


So IN this case: it’s about ripping off the band-aid, Getting the map in place to stop further damage.


And make good decisions.


I am a professional map keeper…

Numbers whisperer…


And also a chief financial controller.


I can help you take that blindfold off.


Comment YES below for a quick chat.


I’ll then ask you some questions about what’s happening in your business and where you want your business to be.


Then I will work with you to create a plan to get that map in place and give you a few options to choose from…


And: I will also be super direct if I don’t think I am the right person to help.


It’s always about helping YOU make the best decision for you and the business.


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